Top things to do with kids in Chicago

If you are planning a trip to Chicago with your family, you may be interested in know more about some of the experiences that you could have as a family. Choosing family-friendly attractions can help to make sure that everyone can have a fun experience during your trip. Here are some of the top things that you should do with your kids in Chicago:

The Navy pier: as one of the most important civic landmarks across Chicago this is an excellent place to go as a family. The large Ferris wheel is one of the premier attractions in this area and you can head up 150 feet to see some spectacular views of the skyline and Lake Michigan. The Crystal Gardens are also located here and it’s a perfect place to see a variety of botanical plants and cool lakefront vistas.

Peggy Notebaert nature museum:

As one of the main museums that focuses on the natural history of the area, there are a number of unique displays here that include a huge water lab for aquatic life, wilderness walks, a butterfly haven and more. The butterfly house here has over 300 different species and the museum itself is home to 100 different educational programs that run throughout the year.

Chicago children’s theater: Chicago has a number of world-class shows that premier almost every year and some of the best shows for kids come out of their premier children’s theater company. This is a year-round children’s theater that features a series of professional and Premier plays that are made for kids. This community theater now draws over 280,000 visitors each year with internationally award-winning plays!

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Shedd aquarium: as one of the largest Aquarians in the United States, the Chicago aquarium holds over 1500 species of marine and land creatures. Award-winning exhibits can be found here and kids will love marveling at some of the incredible animals that call this place home.

Keep some of these amazing experiences in Chicago in mind if you are planning on traveling with your family here!

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